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According to Plan A – Best of the Fest 2012

Written and directed by Anuj Nijhawan, According to Plan A is a heartfelt and realistic portrayal of an immigrant’s struggle to succeed in the high tech world of Silicon Valley. Abhi (played by Ali Fazal) works in a big tech company, confident about his life plans and optimistic about his future career. Things don’t go according to plan and Abhi must discover a new path forward with the help of his two closest friends, Raghu (Sunny Moza) and Gia (Angela Gulner). All three of the lead actors deliver honest and likable performances in this tender and bilingual short film about aspirations and overcoming setbacks. Anuj worked closely with me on the score for his film. We started out with several listening sessions where Anuj played for me some of his musical influences and musical ideas for the film, which was exciting and educational for me because of our different cultural backgrounds. Another reason that I was excited about working on this project was that I would not only get to compose the underscore but I would also get to write and produce the songs for the opening title sequence, the montage scenes and the ending credits.

The final soundtrack I delivered for the film spanned multiple genres including electro pop and rock, but the pieces of music that I enjoyed working on the most were the underscores for the layoff scenes. They had to be somber and pensive, but not too dark and dreary. After experimenting with different instruments and motifs, I was drawn to the simplicity of the rhythmic droning of tapping on Asian jars tuned to only three different notes. With a bit of reverb, the result is almost hypnotic. It fit the scene perfectly and it was one of the first cues of music that Anuj approved.

Earlier this year, the film won “Best of the Fest” at the Riverside International Film Festival. It premiered at the Tampa Bay India International Film Festival and it was also an official selection at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival, the Maryland International Film Festival, the Santa Rosa International Film Festival and the Indisches Filmfestival Stuttgart.

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  1. rdesai

    Where can I watch this film ? Any link ?

    Thanks !

    June 22, 2013 at 11:21 am

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