Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter

Zivity Fashion Show and Charity Auction

Zivity Fashion Show and Charity Auction [Photo by Warren Difranco]
Nominated for “Best Fashion Event of the Year” in the 2010 San Francisco Fashion Awards, the Zivity Fashion Show and Charity Auction raised over $7,000 for charity in a very sexy way. I had previously worked with Danielle Cohen of Missing Piece Productions on a few fashion events, so I knew her events were always unique and provocative experiences. She told me about her ideas for Zivity’s anniversary bash, including a runway show featuring seven San Francisco designers, old-fashioned candy girls, a retro photo booth, vintage cocktails and a striptease charity auction. Here’s how the striptease charity auction worked: each of the seven designers selected one of their best pieces to send down the runway; the higher the bidding, the more clothes came off. SF Indie Fashion said of the event: “With the hauntingly ethereal music by Boyfriend Academy playing overhead, I couldn’t help but think to myself, never was there a more altruistic reason to bare it all… Who knew being bad could do so much good?”

Danielle wanted custom music for the stripteases to set them apart from each other and from the rest of the show. She challenged me to compose seven different musical ideas suitable for each of the seven designers. Here are some of the tracks that I composed for the striptease charity auction.

Program CoverProgram Inside

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