Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter


After seeing Nhan Ho’s contemporary choreography at sjDANCEco‘s ChoreoProject Awards last year, I knew I had to collaborate with him. Nhan had recently moved back home to San Jose from New York to start his own dance company, the Nhan Ho Project. He was putting together his company’s debut show at the Santa Clara Convention Theatre. We hit it off and I got him over to my studio to talk about music. One of the pieces Nhan was developing, Wilt, was a duet about a couple separated by death. He wanted slow and somber music with a steady tempo, piano and strings, something along the lines of The Cinematic Orchestra. I composed a first draft of the music and attended a rehearsal with Nhan and Jenni Bregman to see how it worked and to gather more feedback. Only a few adjustments to the mix were needed.

I couldn’t make it to the premiere due to a conference in Los Angeles, but I was able to attend an encore performance a few weeks later at De Anza College in Cupertino, captured beautifully in the video below thanks to John JP Parenica of 2nd20 Productions. Thanks to Nhan and Jenni for the intense collaboration.

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