Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter

The Last Mission

The Last Mission
New York Film Academy student Adam Ishmael had written and directed his first short thriller, The Last Mission, as his thesis film project. His original composer was unavailable due to a family crisis, so Adam went online to find a composer who could work on a tight deadline and deliver a fully completed score within four days.

When he first emailed me a few screen captures to show the quality and tone of his 35mm film, I immediately started developing a sound palette, character motifs and thematic elements. The artistic direction Adam gave me was “somber, intense, modern and introspective.” Some scenes needed only a sparse and ambient soundscape, while others, like the final showdown, called for a climactic and percussive build.

Our collaboration over the next four days was done entirely online; Adam would send me the video files and I would send him drafts of the score. His team was doing ADR work while my score was coming together. Four days later, we made the deadline for the May 28 premiere screening. I wasn’t able to attend the New York screening but Adam told me that it was an audience favorite and that he was approached by a producer interested in working with him on a feature-length project.

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