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Filtered Art Show

Filtered Art Show

Brent Adams, Jerome Tobias and Andria Lo wanted unique live music for their San Francisco debut art show, Filtered, an exhibition of paintings, mixed-media assemblage and photography examining the everyday as filtered through their vision. I’ve been a big fan of their work and was excited to provide the soundtrack for the opening night. From the show’s literature: “All three artists work in the design field during the day, and weave these design experiences seamlessly into their artwork. Jerome Tobias and Brent Adams are both architects in the Bay Area, incorporating fundamentals of texture and space into their artwork. Tobias paints the intangibles of motion to form the space of his subjects, while Adams plans spaces through the assembled composition of found objects. Andria Lo is a professional photographer whose personal work presents a curious look at the everyday/night by often capturing scenes that cannot actually be perceived by looking.”

The show was also a benefit for Bay Positives, a non-profit organization that helps young people with HIV/AIDS to live longer, happier, healthier and more productive lives. Artwork from their Healing Arts Program was exhibited and offered for sale.

I performed a live background score on the opening night of the exhibition. To give myself a few breaks to grab some drinks, I also composed a few instrumental tracks beforehand that I could playback during the event.

Here’s one of the tracks I composed for Filtered.

Filtered Art Show

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